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  1. Use the broom by the nitrogen tank to first sweep rightmost and middle labs in the clean mass spec lab. Sweep dirt onto the door mats.  Sweep the lab with the mass spec next and then the lab’s anteroom.  Because there isn’t a door mat, sweep dirt into the hall.
    1. When sweeping the anteroom, either pile up the shoes not in the shoe rack or put them back in said rack.
  2. Swifter the labs in the same order as sweeping them.
  3. Wet swiffer the labs in the same order that they were dry swiffered and swept.
    1. After wet swiffering a lab, take off the top layer of the door mat in that lab. Place in that lab’s trash bag, remove trash bag and replace with a new one.
    2. Do the same for the middle lab and the lab containing the mass spec.  The anteroom doesn’t have a trash can.
    3. Place the trashbags next to the trash can in the hall by the Men’s bathroom.  If the cleaning of the lab is done on a Friday, take the trash to the dumpster behind Mitchell; we aren’t allowed to have trash sitting out over the weekend.
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