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Preparing solution for stage 2 columns (LN Spec resin with “cap” of anion resin to hold LN Spec in place):

  1. Take solution from stage 1 (0.05 HNO3) and evaporate to dry.
  2. When cool, add 100 μL 6M HCl let sit overnight.
  3. Ultrasonic with cap on for a few minutes to get into suspension. If spot remains suck up fluid and blow over spot (do not scrape). Clean pipet for each sample
  4. Evaporate slowly to dryness and let cool.
  5. Add 20 uL 0.50 M HCl, and let sit overnight.
  6. Check for dissolution. If spot remains, ultrasonic and blow fluid over spot until gone (do not scrape).
  7. Add 35 uL MQ water to make ~0.18M HCl, which is what goes on the stage 2 columns

Print and continue on LN Spec data sheet.

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