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  1. Mount sample on stage and place on machine. Turn on machine
  2. Open MicroMill computer program through desktop icon
  3. The (Setup Checklist) box will be displayed when the program opens, this menu can also be opened by clicking the green check mark at the top of the screen
  4. Click (Calibrate Stages) to calibrate each axis
  5. Click (Drill Bit Position) and follow the steps on the screen, make sure to insert drill bit all the way up
  6. Next click (Sample Thickness), a define flat sample surfaces box pops up, chose (Measure New Value) and click (Next), then follow the steps on the screen
  7. Next click (Drill XY Offset) and move to a position on the sample you are not drilling and drill a small hole for reference
  8. Click (Focal Plane) and look down scope to focus view, then focus the view on the screen by moving the z axis
  9. After this is done you can close the Setup Checklist menu
  10. Next you will define the sloped surface. First, place three reference points (selected from the drop down list from the Tools bar) in a triangle across the area you will sample. Click the (Sample Surface) drop down box and then click (Define Tilted Surface) and follow the directions on the screen.
  11. To begin sampling select the sampling method from the Tools drop down box
  12. Once you have set up your sampling scheme select the pattern you want to sample and click (Run Scans), make sure in the (Run Scans) box (Selected Patterns Only) is marked, also click (Enable Drill During Scans)
  13. The drill depth can be change by double clicking the pattern name and inputting a value in (Depth/Pass)
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