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Rock Saw Rules

Prior to Using the Saw

  1. Fill the bucket holding the saw motor with water prior to turning the saw on. Make sure to fill as needed during use
  2. Make sure both tubes are connected from the pump to the top of saw prior to turning the saw on
  3. Make sure the door to the hallway is closed

Rules When Using the Saw

  1. If the saw is not being water cooled, do not use it
  2. Always be wearing all necessary personal protective equipment.

Saw Cleaning Procedure

  1. Empty the water from the bucket underneath the saw
  2. Remove the tray from the saw and wash in the sink
  3. Wash the fine-grained sediment out of the bottom of the bucket
  4. Fill a blue bucket with water and wash the tray out underneath the saw
  5. Empty rinse water from bottom bucket
  6. Wipe down the saw
  7. Replace the freshly cleaned tray on the saw
  8. Sweep the floor surrounding the saw


*Failure to follow these rules can and will result in the loss of saw privileges.*

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